Developer Profile


iOS & Mac App Development | Managing an indie brand for Apple applications called “IndigoVillage” | Previously worked as an office engineer in the printing/publishing industry, now transitioning to iOS/Mac engineering | Specializing in office efficiency | DTP enthusiast

With 18 years of experience as an office engineer and DTP operator at a major printing company, I have been driving business efficiency using tools like AppleScript, Swift, and FileMaker. In 2021, I started my own business as a programmer, aiming to assist clients in transforming their workflows.

Embracing the concept of “Creating useful tools that didn’t exist yesterday,” I primarily focus on developing business efficiency tools for both corporate and individual clients, mainly on Mac platforms. My goal is to provide services that bring about workflow transformation in various industries.

We will begin distributing our application on the App Store starting from

Key Achievements

  • Launching and operating the Japanese application brand “IndigoVillage”
  • Developing and selling SNS marketing support tools (Twitter and Instagram)
  • Creating various business support tools (creative, food and beverage, healthcare, production, printing, typesetting, etc.)
  • Creating automation tools that integrate file manipulation and application operations
  • Developing browser automation tools
  • Other projects include developing a variety of automation tools

IndigoVillage, application brand from japanese

Now available on the App Store

  • Highly functional renaming software “Rapid Renamer
  • Image Icon Caster” is a utility software that allows you to see the contents of files using icons.
  • Blog writing support app “AIBlogger” using ChatGPT API
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use swipe tab browser “SmileBrowser

Please visit our brand website here.

For job inquiries or general inquiries, please feel free to contact us.